Handcrafted Glass for you and those you love.


I craft Handblown glass you want to hold in your hand. Each handcrafted Piece of Glass will be a distinctive, unique and practical Art Form that you may use daily in your Home, Garden or Office.


 Memorial Glass Urns Handcrafted for your Loved one’s


Sea Green and Silver Memorial Urn

This Beautiful Urn was Handcrafted with the Colors and Design that the Family knew their Beloved would truly cherish. It was a pleasure to fulfill their wishes.

Laguna Beach Craft Guild

Sundays on the Cobblestones

January 1st 2019


Sunday Vibes

Sunday Vibes


A New Year Begins with the Laguna Craft Guild.

There are so many wonderful aspects of Living in Laguna Beach.  This is truly a paradise town.  One of my favorite thing about being a Laguna resident is participating in the Local Craft Guild.  Laguna Beach is considered an Artist Town, therefore isn't it fitting that we would have a Artist Guild.  We gather several Sundays in a month on the cobblestones at Main Beach to display and sell our Handcrafted Goods.  There are many different types of art for sale.  Please take a stroll through our Guild gathering and find something to take home to adorn your home or find something for a friend who would be thrilled to own a piece of Laguna Handcrafted Art.

 Sincere Thanks, Mary Ann


Private Classes

Glass Blowing Classes Tailored to Your Needs.


Private Lesson 101

This class will teach the basics of safety in the Hot Shop. You will come away from the class knowing how to make a vessel or cup.


Team Class 101

This is a class you may take with a friend, partner or team.  There are many options for you to choose from, from partnership skills in the studio to team building skills for your team.


Advanced Glassblowing Class

This class is offered to those of you who are wanting to make more of an investment in learning to blow glass. Your abilities will grow in this 4 block class and so will the size of your work that you will take home.


Full Service Gift Wrapping

We are all very busy in our daily lives.  We love our family and friends and would like to show them our appreciation.  Muse Art Glass makes it easy for you to show your appreciation for those you love.  Presentation is everything, I don't know who first coined that phrase, but I do believe that it is a true. Therefore, I would like to help you in your gifting of one of my Handcrafted Art Glass Creations.  After purchasing a gift from Me, You may have it gift wrapped for the occasion. Each gift is Specially Hand wrapped and Shipped  to the location designated by you.  Here is an example of a Wedding Gift.. I enjoy offering my Clients a Full Service Experience.