All good things must come to an end.

Summer of 2019 at the Sawdust Art Festival has come to an end. I would like to Thank all of you who made it down to the Show this summer. I would like to Thank my Clients, both old and new for supporting me in my Glass Career. You have been the fuel that helps me keep my Passion Alive!

This September will be a difficult one, with the passing of my Mother in April of this year. We would spend most of September together to make up for the two months that I was consumed with the Summer show. There are so many things to do now it seems to fill the time and organize my life. Being an Artist that works with Glass and other mixed media requires a time management cycle that revolves around making, selling and organization skills of a laboratory tech. I will spend most of my time this September clearing, cleaning and preparing for the coming holiday season. In that time, I know my Mother’s spirit will be with me every step of the way. I know that all the preparation that I have done to reach this time and place in my life, will be exercised. I look forward to all the wonderful people I will meet and expand my business in the same manner that I have experienced since I began my Glass Blowing Career as an Artist. Until we meet again, my friends, stay happy and feel free to drop me a line.

Sincerely, Mary Ann Guerra

Summer of 2019 ; walking through another door.

This summer has been filled with special moments at my booth at the summer Sawdust Festival. People from all over the world have come to share their time and stories of loved ones. Many people have entered the booth with their family or friends, moms or sisters. It is a beautiful thing to behold for a moment the love that we have in our lives. At least for a moment to stop time, by standing in appreciation of relationship to one another. If you have come to see me at the booth, we have shared that moment. If you have come to the booth, please feel free to come and celebrate with me this summer of love.

Entering Infinity

With the Passing of My Dear Mother this week, I have found myself in strange land. I knew this day would come, as it does for all of us. My Mother and I would discuss the inevitable fact of death, at length, during our many outings . She was my Best Friend, I made sure she knew that. I would express my appreciation for God’s Hand in delivering her to me, weekly if not daily. Nothing was left to be said. She was the strongest person I have ever met. She bestowed upon me an unwavering Love that has guided me through my life and will continue to do so, with more velocity than before. Her Spirit and Essence is so engrained in me, that it is almost tangible. She loved that I had found my Happiness as a Glass Artist and was My Main Critic. She encouraged me to strive for my independence and my goals. She was proud of me and the Woman I have become. Knowing that she is the biggest part of me, is going to be the way I continue her legacy of Kindness, Love and Fairness.


I am grateful for more gifts in 2019. A new gallery in Costa Mesa, California will be displaying my work. Orange County Fine Arts is a wonderful group of artist that share a love for Creation. One of the nicest aspects of being a working artist is the connections that I make with other artist. I enjoy making connections with people not just for the monetary benefit, but for the emotional, mental, and spiritual benefits of gathering together our community. Maureen MacDonald is an Artist that I recently had the pleasure of meeting and working with. She exemplify’s what it is to be a working Artist . She is kind, thoughtful, creative and a joy to spend time with. I am very grateful to her for the opportunity she has given me in the Gallery and in my personal development. as an Artist. With People like, Maureen in the Art World; It is a much more welcoming and healthy atmosphere. I am hoping that you will have an opportunity to meet this wonderful woman, sometime at one of the events that we have. Keep in touch with me regarding any future events. Till then, may you experience all of the Art and Love that you wish for.

Spring in California

It is ever so exciting when the seasons change in California. Although, we might not have drastic changes like they do back east. I am very content to have the subtle change of Spring; more sunshine and less chill in the air. With the warmer weather, we are able to enjoy more of the out door activities that we relish . Here in Laguna, you can see the increase in walkers and runners enjoying their daily routines. Surfers don’t worry too much about the pollution runoff , that the rains bring. One of the most important aspects of my life as an Artist, are the Outdoor Art Shows that I participate in on a weekly basis. I am ever so grateful to have sunshine on the weekends. It helps to bring potential clients out and enjoying the sights and sounds of our southern california haven. If you would like a schedule of the dates that I will be showing my work, please call or email me for that information. I also have some of the dates on the website. Enjoy the Sunshine !

Holiday Season; Slow, slow, Stop.

As we come into the Holiday Season, the importance of the Season is Family and Friends. It is so nice, when People fit into both Categories. During the year it’s a very hectic pace; working, making our plans and taking care of ourselves so that we can continue this life journey, well. At the Holiday’s we slow down and make time, for those we love. We wrap ourselves in blankets of slow purposeful love with each other. It is truly the season of love. This holiday season, it has become so poignant to share time and stop everything I am normally caught up in and stop to embrace the moments of time with those I love. My wish is that you will find those you consider family and friends and connect with them. Have a meal, have some cheer and share a laugh with each other. We only live once and there are no rehearsals.

The Dragons of Fire and Goals.

The journey to become a Glass Blower has yielded difficult experiences; Road Blocks. Surprisingly, Most of the hardships have blindsided me (insert Upside Down Smiley Face, Here). So my reason for writing this story is to express to others who might learn from my experience…

Hardships are to be expected while reaching your goals, but I really had a different expectation about encountering the glass culture. Perhaps it is the mind set of lack that can bring a negative vibe. I had visions of a friendship circle of fire, where we would all be singing “ kum-by-yah”. The fire was there, but most of the time, I was being roasted over the fire. (Insert lmao here). Most of the hardships were found in entering a realm where some glass blowers felt ownership of something that they had participated in for a good amount of time. Like kids on a playground; who never learned to play “nice”. Overcoming these hardships was more about letting them hang themselves with their own rope. Because, lets face it, Karma has her own method.

If lessons were always like drinking nectar, would we appreciate the lesson, when having face difficult challenges? So if you find yourself in a situation, similar to mine, Forge forward and trust in your Angels. Trust that all of the Lessons were meant for you. When people are cruel, it is less about you and more about how they feel about themselves. Find compassion in your heart for those that want to harm your spirit, their spirit has been crushed somewhere along the line.

Chelsea Cat is the Key. My disappointment about the timing, is just impatience. My love for glass has never wavered, even in the face of tribulation. My Passion drives me; a need for expression. I believe it is the joy and goodness of this human experience that rises and yearns to yield a small expression of itself through my glass. so with these Words….”Oppression meets with resistance and contrast will lead way to desire” , we Strive on!

Preparing for the End and Welcoming the beginning.

Knowing that Time is the only True commodity of this Lifetime is crucial to living well.

As I envelop more deeply into my Life as An Glass Artist, I find that my awareness is bilaterally in the experience. Consciously in the present and Subconsciously in my Mind. For example, while buying groceries at the store, My thoughts are in appreciation for what I have and hope that others share the same gifts. Later while exchanging greetings with someone getting gas at the gas station (in the background plays a love song, that played out in real time, for a friend and it brings me a moment of sadness. The Layers of our consciousness dance; hand in hand, around the tree of life., The Inspiration of these moments will then become Handcrafted Glass; expressed in Color, beauty and form. This tangible expression contained in a piece of glass.. The contrast is sharp, this joy and pain of human existence, My Intentions are to pour those emotions into each piece of work. My work is my life and my life is my work.

Time with Mom.

I am blessed to have a Mother that has reached the ripe age of 98. Bonus Years is a phrase that come to mind, in regards to My Mom.  It is a time now to begin facing the inevitable facts of life, death.  My Mother suffers from COPD. It is a slow progressive lung disease, that makes it very difficult to breath. It is difficult to see anyone you love, in pain. But ultimately that is sometimes what this life can bring. Perhaps, what builds Our Character is harsh times, and at this time more than ever, I truly enjoy my work. Handcrafted Art Glass that will make you smile for a long time to come. I will be donating to a Foundation for COPD, in hopes that it will help others in their time of need.

Artisanal Maker's Soul

Isn’t it amazing how the people around us, inspire? I do gather most of my inspiration from nature and god’s beauty. I am very much a loner, I spend 80 percent of my time, alone. I do enjoy socializing, but I also enjoy my own company. Perhaps, it is because I find that time to reflect; builds my creative focus and helps me to be a better person. With that said, I also find a great deal of inspiration from the people I have in my circle. I have the most loving people in my life, I see how capable they are of keeping their hearts open, when there is clearly pain. It is a hope and a prayer of mine to be this type of person. To sit with fear and still keep an open heart, that is bravery and courage. I hope to be a better version of myself, everyday. With kind and loving people in my life, I hope to continue this wonderous journey in love and light.

Full Moon in September

Grace blesses my heart, my life, my friends and family.
My focus; on kindness, goodness and the love, I witness daily. May you go into the Full Moon with A Heart Overflowing with Love and Passion for Your Life!

New Chapters

The End of the Summer Season is consistently the same, Being totally exhausted, but unable to completely relax. I have no complaints about the long grueling summer, just stating the facts.

For those of you, who aren’t aware of the hours of the summer show, it is 12 hour days, 7 days a week, for the proximity of 2 months in Summer. I am lucky enough to be a full fledged Glassblower, so that would entail being able to blow glass in the Sawdust Art FEstival Cage during those summer months. I entertain the crowds and create beautiful art glass for my shelves, which I sell daily to the same crowds. While I enjoy the summer months and all that being an Artist in the Show, has to offer, It is an exhausting endeavor.

It usually takes a few days of lounging around in my pajamas and several movie afternoons to get me to the point of naps. After 2 or 3 naps, my vitality comes back and I can function like a normal productive artist. I look forward to the show beginning every year and when it does come to an end, It is always bittersweet. The lovely people I meet, and the wonderful children and teens, that I know I inspire, make the whole experience, a Magical One. I hope that someday, I will someday have the chance to meet you and introduce you to the magical experience of the Sawdust Arts and Crafts Show.

Sacred Space

For a long time I felt stifled by my lack of self confidence.  I did not give myself the opportunity to move forward with my dreams of becoming an Artist. Specifically; a Glassblower. I understand now, Each one of Us has the responsibility to push forward for our own potential.  There will always be obstacle's, and more so when you enter a new field where others have established a presence.  Given the space, time and love, I will Create Massively and in doing so, help other Artists that are peering out to see if the landscape is safe for travel. We are one people. 

SUMMER is right on time.

It is true that the best laid plans of men and mice.....

The summer began with more than I had expected to deal with; family situations to iron out and so forth.  But, in the true sense of Goodness and Good Life, I endured and flourished thru the experience.  I do hope that I get a chance to visit with all of you who come to the show; Summer 2018 Sawdust Festival.  Come down and see the new work and the beautiful booth that I built with my Friend Taffy.  I look forward to a wonderful summer show and that you may enjoy it as well !


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Small Steps toward a Big Goal

Its one thing to make your goals happen, especially if your goal is about being an Artist.  It is a different type of life, because of so much of what you do, is to create art from your heart, mind, and soul.  The way that we can tell if people are enjoying our art is if our bank account is " not on empty". This may sound funny, but it is true. I work 24/7 with ample time to sleep and eat.  I may not be on the bench blowing glass, but I am thinking about the design, the order of color I need for the design and the execution of the design.  I am constantly thinking about the photos I need to post to communicate with my friends, family, and clients about the current state of Muse Art Glass.  Therefore, I work more than the average person, who clocks in a 9 to 5 workday, then goes home and forgets about their job for 14 hours, till they rise again and grind.  I wouldn't want to operate on any other level, this is my life choice, and I am very happy with my life.  It is important for people to know what is involved in an Artist's Life.  

Summer's Design 2018

Yesterday was the Sawdust Festival Booth Picking Day.   it is the day we choose the location of Our Summer Art Booth, where we will spend 12 hours a day, for two months.  It is a time for us to see our Sawdust Festival Family once again and set the tone for the joyous time to come.  There is so much to look forward to on this day, especially the design of the booth.  Our attempt to create a inviting space for our guest and clients at the Sawdust Festival is the goal, as well as creating a space that reflects our essence as an Artist.  I look forward to seeing many of you at the Summer Art Festival, Sawdust Festival 2018!

The Artist's Life

Being an Artist is an exceptional experience on so many levels.  The human experience is so filled with so many different aspects. Personal relationships, experiencing the planet and all it's wonders. So taking joy in all the variety of experiences and then transferring that joy into a beautiful tangible art piece,  that can be held and perhaps used in daily life.  That is my objective as an Artist. I am grateful to have the opportunity as an Artist to create Art Glass for my Clients.


Our Elders, Our Teachers.

I have been very blessed in my Life to have many wonderful mentors and teachers.  I am ever so grateful to have met and gotten to know in the last year,  a true Centenarian.  He was an inspiration to me on so many levels.  The heart that this man had was generous, kind, sweet and gentlemanly. I hope that I can be of service to many, as he did in his life. Rest in Peace, My Dear Friend, Marco.